Tool & Design Solutions specializes in the design of high volume progression, transfer and line dies!
dvanced CAD and Simulation Software, combined with three decades of experience, is combined to design tools & dies that are capable of producing accurate stamped components, ensuring little or no development work during try-outs.  
Our design capabilities range from Stainless Steel Catalytic Components, Automotive Panels, Deep Drawing of Automotive Oil Pans, Progression Dies, Transfer Dies, Gripper Transfer Tooling, Robotic Transfer Tooling, Idle Stations and Checking Fixtures.  
Customers can get daily or weekly design progress updates via screen sharing on our VISI CAD station.             

Below are some of the expert services we offer:
  • Solid Model Die Design on VISI - with Catia import / export capabilities.
  • 3D Stamping Method Designs
  • Simulation of Stamping Methods
  • 3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering 
  • Springback Analysis and Compensation
Please visit the below pages for a more detailed overview of the services we offer.
3D Method & Simulation                                                                             
3D Die Design
3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering   

method4         LineDie3              ree_scan

Please go to the About us page to view photo galleries of previously completed parts.