3D Method Design-Architecture

3D Method Design-Architecture

3D Method Design & Simulation

3D Method Design Services :strip_3
  • Tandem Stamping Method design
  • Progressive Stamping Method design
  • Transfer Stamping Method design
  • Simulation Validations
  • 3D Scanning of stamped parts for springback analysis
  • Simulated Springback analysis & Compensation
Stamping Method Design

Tool & Design Solutions uses advanced Visi Progress CAD modules to create high quality and accurate Stamping Methods. Tool & Design Solutions specializes in the design of Progression Stamping Methods capable of produce robust manufacturing and production processes.  We supply our customers with "concept" stamping process reports which provide an in-depth overview of the planned stamping process as well as provide a clear explanation of the simulation results. The reports provide our customers with the opportunity to review and discuss the details of the planned stamping process prior to providing their approval. Our customers are therefore guaranteed to receive designs in-line with their budgets and overall project requirements. ​
The Visi 3D Stamping Methods can be delivered in a variety of formats including Catia.

Simulation Validation
Simulation enables fast and accurate prediction of forming issues for the entire forming process including drawing and secondary operations as well as Springback early in the design phase of the project. Accurate interpretation of these simulation results allows us to optimize the stamping process, quickly resolving any problem areas. The die manufacturing process can thus commence with maximum confidence! ​ Try-out simulations can either be based on the component geometry for early feasibility or on the planned tool surface/die face data.
Autoform and FTI FormingSuite are used for simulating stamping processes for feasibility. We have a permanent FTI Formingsuite License and lease Autoform as required.
Simulated virtual try-outs allow us to analyze and determine the following critical information ensuring accurate and efficient die designing:
​- Formability Analysis - Thinning, Splitting, Compression, Wrinkling, Plastic Strain.
- Pad & Binder forces.
- Drawbead requirements.
- Optimized trim and blank profiles.
- Springback and Die Face Compensation.

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