3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering-Architecture

3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering-Architecture

3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering


3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering services offered by us:
  • Press tools, dies, molds and stamped parts
  • CAD updating of finalized tool shapes after welding/grinding during try-outs
  • Scanning for Springback Compensating purposes
  • Prototype parts or models
  • Inspection and measuring
  • Missing CAD data creation
  • Watertight solid models for 3D Printing or CNC Machining
  • Archiving of museum artifacts into CAD data
3D Scanning 
High precision, fast and professional 3D Scanning services are available on a variety of objects ranging in size from a match box to a full size car.  3D scanners output a point clouds, where each point has an x,y,z coordinate similar to a CMM measuring machine. The scanned point cloud is meshed and exported into special reverse engineering software where the CAD models are expertly created by skilled toolmakers with an expert understanding of the final requirements.
3D Scanning can be completed at our customers site using our accurate handheld portable scanner. 

                              3D Scanned Part analysed for Springback

Reverse Engineering 

Reverse engineering is not as simple as reproducing a scan. If anything, the process is much closer to the act of translation, with the trick being to create something that looks like the scanned part while using enough intelligence to adapt it to a new use or environment. 
By respecting design intent, all aspects of a model can be modified, while considering which manufacturing process is going to be used and what boundary conditions they require to create a functional design. This gives us the freedom and confidence to push and pull the model to create an optimal design and give a new lease of life to an old part.

State-of-the-art Reverse Engineering software is used for processing scanned point clouds into high quality clean meshes, surfaces and solid CAD models. The scanned data and reverse engineered surface data is analyzed to ensure the resulting data meets the customer expectations, thus ensuring customer quality is achieved. Deviation analysis reports can be supplied for customer review and feedback purposes. We are capable of producing A-Class Automotive Surfacing from a wide variety of supplied scanned point cloud data formats and have successfully Reverse Engineered a complete motor vehicle for one of the local OEM's!


Springback Compensation
Springback is the geometric change made to a part at the end of the forming process when the part has been released from the forces of the opened forming tool. Appropriate tools must be designed to compensate for the Springback, ensuring the dimensional accuracy of the final stamped part is achieved.
3D Scanning is available on customer stamped parts should they be encountering any Springback problems during try-outs.
Springback Compensations can be completed on the full panel geometry or on specificly chosen problem areas.  Analyzing and compensating Springback ensures accurate tooling processes are created early in the design phase and also minimizes the risk of costly tool changes to the tooling process at a later stage.
We efficiently solve our customers Springback problems!

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